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See a list of short tips about nature photography at the website of Soren Breiting. These apply not only for stock photography.

Autumn Leaves And Digital Photography -- Fall Foliage For Colorful Pictures

Af: Søren Breiting

How to capture the essence of autumn colors in pictures when we enjoy the beauty of the autumn in New England or in one of the other states famous for the colorful fall foliage? After many years of experience when taking pictures of autumn leaves for professional stock photography and for books and articles I reveal some of my techniques in this article.

Nowadays it is so much easier and more fun to use digital cameras for taking pictures in the outdoors of autumn leaves and the nice colors of fall foliage. With a digital camera you can immediately check if your shot was hitting what you wanted to capture and it is easy to redo it if needed.

The captured digital files will easily support your memory of a nice fall experience and you can work on with them at home on your computer and display it for others. The Outdoor Photographer Magazine ( brings a lot of inspiration for your outdoor autumn photography every year.

When you are on location you can choose to achieve esthetic pleasant pictures without emphasis on the natural object you are choosing. Or you can go for nature photography in the pure sense of communicating species in nature like the aspen or the maple trees or insects on fall foliage e.g. preparing for the coming wintertime. Or you can choose to focus on landscape photography.

Many nature photographers would say they aim at combining these intentions, but in reality you might benefit from this distinction for your autumn photography.

First release your imagination for possible pictures - it isn't just the option to take pictures of fall scenics with vivid autumn color.

You can choose to communicate in your photos:

A simple digital camera will have many options to choose from for your autumn photography:

Compose your picture to make it interesting

As always the light is essential to get the bright autumn colors, but also days with overcast sky can give beautiful pictures and communicate the special mood of autumn.

In sun you have the option to make the full use of backlight to lightning up the magnificent leaf colors: reds, yellows and golden in combination with nuances of green. Especially when you combine backlit colorful leaves with isolation of leaves you can produce beautiful photos.

A circular polarizer filter is still useful equipment for digital photography in the outdoors and it will enhance the colors of the sky as well as the foliage if the sun is shining from an angel to your view.

Read more about autumn photography in 'The Art of Outdoor Photography: Techniques for the Advanced Amateur and Professional' by Boyd Norton, and about the further processing of your digital pictures in 'Outdoor Photographer Landscape and Nature Photography with Photoshop CS2' by Rob Sheppard.

Forfatter resurse box e:->

Soren Breiting has a background as a biologist and has been in stock photography for many years. You find a smaller selection of Soren’s high quality stock photos of fall foliage at A-Z Fotos ( and autumn relevant links at

Books for the Nature Photographer


Anon,Ellen & Tim Grey
Photoshop ® for Nature Photographers : A Workshop in a Book.

Incl. CD. SBN: 0-7821-4427-6 Paperback, 314 pages. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Publishers. August 2005

Description: Photoshop for Nature Photographers: A Workshop in a Bookis the first book that teaches nature photographers practical Photoshop skills that will solve their most common problems. It features a real-world approach that simulates a workshop experience, gorgeous photography, and tips and techniques from the biggest names in nature photography.

Ellen Anon is an accomplished photographer — her photos have been showcased in calendars, posters, galleries, magazines, and books, including Sierra Club's Mother Earth. Ellen teaches photography and Photoshop workshops for nature photographers around the country.

Tim Grey writes about digital photography for Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, and PC Photo magazines. He is the author of Photoshop CS2 Workflow, Color Confidence, and co-author of Photo Finish, all from Sybex. Tim is also a popular speaker at seminars and trade shows. In his almost-daily "Digital Darkroom Questions" (DDQ) e-mail service, he answers questions from photography enthusiasts and pros.

Angel, H. ( ) The book of nature photography: a practical guide to creative techniques. Ebury Press (Dorling Kindersly).

Campbell, L. (1990) Guide to birds and nature photography. RSPB/David & Charles.

Tim Fitzharris: Nature Photography : National Audubon Society Guide

John Shaw: The Nature Photographer's Complete Guide to Professional Field Techniques

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About Nature Photography

Nature photography is one of the most rewarding - and difficult - kinds of photography.
It is a challenging hobby and a difficult professional way of living.

Each nature photographer will often combine the income from selling the pictures with additional income generating activities like:

Websites for the Nature Photographer

WorldEcho offers templates and portfolio facilities for nature photographers, other photographers and artists.
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Web hosting for your own website where you present yourself as a nature photographer.
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This is a very modest amount of traffic for a good photography site. Many get even much less.

Remember, that you will compete with more than 320.000.000 websites and pages when people search for "photo" in Google.

Even when they search for a specific term like "nature photos" you will still have to compete with a little less than 200.000.

With a search after "nature photography" your competition with be around 900.000 - again a very tuff competition and it is only getting worse and worse.

Many photographers will run banner ads and text ads and these can easily cost them a lot of money.

To me this isn't the solution. The solution is to use the help we can get from a service like SiteBuildIt (and I don't know any other service like that). I have at present two websites hosted at Site Build It and make use of all the extra knowledge I get from these websites for running my other websites successfully. Here you see the proof of what Site Build It help us with.

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You find more general information about the SiteBuildIt system here - take your time to read it through, it might be some of your most valuable minutes online.

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